Beginner Writer Bundle

Hey Fellow Writers,

Whether you’re a new or seasoned writer, I wanted to tell you about this neat bundle my friends at hope*writers put together just for writers.

Hope*writers was open last week for new members to join, but it must not have been the right time for you. And they still very much want to support you in your writing journey.

Hope*writers made something for you because they believe, and I too believe . . .

You can still make progress in your writing.

To help you make progress, hope*writers created the Beginning Writer Bundle for you. It’s a bundle of three video teachings, hand-selected to help you overcome overwhelm and finally establish a writing routine that works for you.

Making progress in your writing will no longer be a daydream but a reality.

The Beginning Writer Bundle will help you:

Discover your message so you can finally finish your book.

Learn the #1 social media platform for you to build an audience on.

Create a plan for getting your book published and into the hands of a reader.

This offer expires on Wed, September 29, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. After that, it goes back in the hope*writers training vault.

Hope*writers has helped writers like you for over five years. They’ve seen the ups and downs of writing during a hectic season of life and they’re well-equipped to help you through it with the Beginning Writer Bundle.

You can use my link to purchase the bundle:



P.S. The bundle expires on Wed, September 29, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

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