Welcome to my world of words….

Hi there! So glad you’re here. I’m a blogger, podcaster, Hope*Writer, nature photographer and a Christian Life Coach for women. I took this photo overlooking the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. I currently live in Knoxville, but my heart is in those backwoods of WV where I was born and raised. I hope you will look around and find some inspiration here.

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

I have a passion for serving God and others, especially women. I truly believe God has given women a uniqueness like nothing else in this world. I also believe, when we, as women, understand our identity in Christ, we can know and live life on purpose. And in spite of our challenges, we can live in faith with the hope and joy God desires for us.

Most days, you will often find me posting on Instagram. When I’m not on social media, I love relaxing, traveling, and spending time with my family.

My puppy Zeplin (labradoodle)


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